TDCL are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our staff, students

and visitors. Ensuring the safety of our learning community is of paramount importance

to us and this policy reflects our dedication to creating a safe environment where

learners are cared for appropriately and safeguarded from harm.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks replaced Criminal Record and

Background (CRB) checks in 2012. DBS checks enable TDLC to ascertain an

individual’s suitability to work in an educational environment. This policy has been

created to inform staff, learners and partner organisations of the measures taken by

TDLC to ensure all employees and learners are safe and cared for.


In addition, it outlines our commitment to meeting legislative requirements, DfE standards, data

protection responsibilities and Ofsted guidance as outlined in the Policy.

This document should be read in conjunction with the DBS Code of Practice; The

Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education DfE guidance; The Data

Protection Act 1998; The Freedom of Information Act 2000 and The Education Act


Background Information on DBS checks

 Checks are legally required on those working with children and young people under

18, and with vulnerable adults.

 There are two categories of DBS check; standard and enhanced. The category is

determined by the risks involved in the situation.

 ‘Portability’ is the term used to describe the re-use of a DBS disclosure, obtained in

one organisation and later used in another organisation.

 Individuals are unable to apply for a DBS check on their own behalf; checking is done

through an umbrella body. TDLC not an umbrella body and uses Medway Council HR

Dept as its bureau.


 There is a cost for the check itself but TDLC absorbs this cost and

there is no recharge

 DBS checks are usually processed within approximately 3 weeks at the current time

of writing this policy.

Expectations of TDLC

 Where DBS checks are required they must be enhanced and current (less than 5

years old).

 Portability: the DBS check must relate to actual working situation. A DBS check

obtained through another organisation would be accepted only if the working situation

matched TDLC’s working situation and was current and enhanced. The main

consideration is likely to be one of the level of supervision.

TD TDLC DBS policy 

Those required to provide proof of an appropriate DBS check to TDLC

 All permanent staff.

 All contract or perapatetic staff – in some instances this may be a portable certificate

if provided by another school within the Local Authority specifically for supply teaching.

 Anyone providing services at TDLC who is working with our learners at any stage of

the learner journey

Procedure for checking DBS disclosures

 The disclosure will be sent direct to the applicant. On receipt of a disclosure it is the

responsibility of the person undergoing the check to supply The Academy with the

disclosure number and date endorsed.

 TDLC is responsible for ensuring that those it requires to be checked, have received

an appropriate disclosure. This means that someone in the organisation has to have

sight of the document and record details in its own record system. Copies of the

documents are not permitted. Relevant data will be stored on TDLC’s Central DBS


 TDLC contracts will include a requirement to provide evidence of an appropriate DBS

disclosure and all advertisements will state this requirement.