TDLC Enquiries and Appeals Policy

TDLC Enquiries and Appeals Policy


1. TDLC is committed to ensuring that all assessments for IAB units and/or qualifications

are fair, consistent and based on valid judgements.

TDLC recognizes that a student may wish to question the outcome of an assignment,

examination or moderation/external quality assurance and/or other decision.

2. TDLC operates a three stage enquiries and appeals process;

Stage 1: Enquiry against an assignment decision, examination result, and/or other


Stage 2: Independent review

Stage 3: Referral to IAB


3. Stage 1: enquiry against an assignment decision, examination result and/ or other


a. Should a learner wish to make an enquiry in respect of a assignment decision or

result, they should in the first instance email within 30 days

of receiving the result/decision

b. Assignment decision TDLC will, within 3 working days, contact the relevant

tutor and ask them to review their assignment marking. Students will be notified

of the outcome of this review within 7 days.

c. Examination Result Where the enquiry relates to an examination result, TDLC

will notify the IAB within 24 hours of the enquiry and will include Name,

Address, Student Number, ULN (If applicable) IAB examination level and date,

and the nature of the enquiry.

TDLC Enquiries and Appeals policy 


4. Stage 2: Unresolved appeals and enquiries – Independent Review

a. If a learner is not satisfied with the outcome of Stage 1, they have the option to

appeal further. A stage 2 appeal must be made within 5 days of notification of the

outcome of the stage 1 enquiry.

b. TDLC will acknowledge receipt of the Stage 2 appeal within 5 working days.

c. Assignment decision in such cases, TDLC will appoint an independent person to

conduct an independent review of the decision of the tutor. Such a person will be

suitably qualified and acceptable to both TDLC and IAB. This review will be

completed within 5 working days.

d. Examination Result The IAB will be informed of the learners concern within 5

working days.

5. Stage 3: Referral to IAB

a. If a learner is still not satisfied with the outcome of the independent review, then

they may appeal to TDLC within 14 days of receiving the outcome of the enquiry.

TDLC will forward this appeal to IAB within 3 working days.

b. Stage 3 is the final part of the appeals and review policy.