The Distance Learning Corporation (TDLC) specialises in flexible learning. It has been established to develop a range of distance learning programmes that enable learners to study whenever and wherever they want. The programmes have been written to provide people with exciting new skills for personal and career development. (back to top)

You do not need any previous knowledge or experience in the subject or formal educational achievements to enrol on the TDLC programmes. If you have qualifications related to the subject then you may not need to repeat the parts you are already qualified for. (back to top)




It is a programme of study that you can do at home or at work rather than at a college or training centre. The programme consists of all the materials that you need to learn the subject and instead of having a teacher standing in front of you, you have a specially trained personal tutor who will work through the programme with you and give you as much, or as little support as you need. Your tutor can be contacted by email. (back to top)



We offer manual bookkeeping at Level 1, which we encourage all our learners to take. This gives the basic understanding of the principles of book-keeping and leads on to level 2 programmes in manual book-keeping. Once you have achieved your Level 2 you can apply for the AIAB registration. For those who want to go further there are programmes at level 3 which qualify you to the highest level for a book-keeper. (MIAB)  (back to top)


Learners progress at their own pace and are given full tutorial support for 12 months after they start the course. (back to top)



Programmes cover everything you will need to know to take a nationally recognised examination and become a qualified book-keeper. Your tutor will talk to you about this as you work through the programme and will provide you with practice examinations that you can do to make sure you are ready. It's all down to you; there will be no pressure from TDLC or the tutor to move faster than you feel comfortable with. There remains a big demand for qualified book-keepers and though we cannot guarantee a job we believe our programmes will optimise your job and career opportunities. (back to top)



Yes, the International Association of Book-keepers (IAB).  In addition, all qualifications sit on the Qualifications Credit Framework(QCF) which means your qualification is recognised in the same way as GCSE’s and A levels. It is up to each learner as to whether they take the examinations to qualify for membership and TDLC will support you through the process if you choose to do so.(back to top)



Once you have qualified you will automatically be offered Membership of the IAB. This means you can use professional letters after your name. The IAB provides members with on-going support including free legal and technical advice and information on how to start up your own business - they even have a free job referral service. (back to top)


The TDLC programmes cover everything that a book-keeper needs to know to set up a business. When you have qualified at Level 3 you will be able to complete more complex accounts and maintain the books and accounts for SME's or individuals who work on their own. (back to top)


We are evolving all the time and have a number of programmes that support these core programmes such as payroll management. (back to top)


No, TDLC will register you automatically before you take your first exam, so you don't have to do anything else. (back to top)


They will write to you with a formal offer of membership immediately after you have qualified.

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The IAB is an officially appointed body and will be happy to help you with information as a registered member. (back to top)



You can purchase you programme through our on-line shop. TDLC also has a team of Training Advisors who are able to discuss your learning needs and will ensure you enrol on the right programme for you. They will take you through all the details and once you have enrolled you will be able to access your programme on-line – and you can start straight away! (back to top)



No problem. If you live outside the UK our on-line programme is perfect for you !! and you will keep in regular contact with your tutor by email. The examinations can be completed in any country, although in some instances there may be an extra charge to cover the cost of the centre.

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By calling   0844 561 7179  (international +44 844 561 7179 ) or by email on info@tdlc.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you gain the knowledge and skills to achieve your career goals! (back to top)