TDLC General Terms and Conditions

TDLC General Terms and Conditions

1. Under the general terms of this contract, TDLC Ltd will provide all material for the

completion of assignments and access to a designated tutor.

2. The learner at all times is responsible for the payment of the course fees set out in this

contract (if and as applicable).

3. The contract is non-transferable by the learner unless agreed in writing by TDLC Ltd.

4. The timescale for supported study is fixed as described in this contract and cannot be

altered by the learner. Alterations to the agreed supported study time will only be

made at the discretion of the management of TDLC Ltd.

5. The Learner is responsible for notifying TDLC Ltd of any address or contact

telephone/e-mail changes; to ensure records are fully and accurately


6. TDLC Ltd reserves the right to make reasonable changes to the terms of the contract

having given 30 days’ notice of the intended change.

7. All enquiries should be made direct to TDLC Ltd. You should quote your Learner

number in all instances.