Internal Quality Assurance

Internal Quality Assurance Policy

TDLC IQA procedures and strategy 

1 Introduction

 It is essential that all deliverers of qualifications have quality assurance

systems in place to ensure all assessment is fair, consistent and meets

TDLC and national requirements. This policy has been designed to

promote quality, consistency and fairness throughout the assessment and

IQA activities. It aims to ensure that standards of assessment are

maintained over time.

 This document is applicable to everybody involved in assessment

administration, management, verification and moderation of any TDLC

qualifications delivered within the breadth of this Centre’s activities.

Any activity related to TDLC within a satellite, delivery and/or

assessment site is also obliged to abide by this policy.

 For qualifications where, because of the size or geographic spread of

assessments, more than one IQA is required to ensure the quality, an

Internal Quality Assurance Team (IQAT) must be established. Where a

IQAT is required, one IQA must be identified/allocated to take on the role

of Coordinating IQA, ensuring that the IQA strategy and sampling plans

are effectively established, implemented and maintained by the IQAT.

 Where only one IQA is needed to cover the Centre’s activities for a

specific qualification, the IQA will be responsible for establishing the

IQA sampling strategy, sampling plan and subsequent implementation.

2 Verification Aim

The IQA aim is to ensure effective management of assessment and verification

processes, effective support for assessment and verification personnel, and to

quality assure the outcomes of assessment in-line with TDLC and national


3 IQA Objectives

Internal Quality Assurance objectives propose to:

 Operate from established verification policy and procedures that are

reviewed where required in-line with the Centre’s quality control


 Ensure an effective induction is provided for all members of the

assessment and verification teams, as required.

 Ensure effective appraisal and continued professional development for

all members of the assessment and verification teams.

 Ensure that the assessment and verification teams understand and follow

all theCentre policies and procedures.

 Ensure the Centre will embed equality and diversity throughout the IQA

and assessment activities.

Internal Quality Assurance


TDLC IQA procedures and strategy 

 Ensure quality via accurate and effective assessment of all candidates.

 Monitor and ensure consistency of assessment outcomes via appropriate

interpretation of TDLC’s specific qualifications and/or national


 Review and evaluate the quality and consistency of assessment at

different stages of the assessment process.

 Maintain accurate and current records of internal verification and


 Standardize all components of the assessment where appropriate.

 Carry out continuous improvement activities to ensure all corrective

actions best practice guidelines requested by the EQA/TDLC are

complied with.