Level One

Available free to the learners not currently in employment, the Level One is designed to give an introduction to the skills and underpinning knowledge of financial record keeping, giving the candidate the necessary skills to record financial transactions. 

Bookkeeping has been prove to be very versatile business administration skill that is used in lots of administration type roles in companies. TDLC have already got a proven track record in getting people back into employment through these types of qualifications. 

The course consists of a mixture of knowledge and skills units, and competence is confirmed by either knowledge tests or assignment. There is no formal end examination. 

Mandatory units: 

  • Introduction to bookkeeping

  • Working with bookkeeping 

  • Banking Procedures

  • Recording receipts and payments 

  • Preparing and processing bookkeeping documents

  • Recording credit transactions

  • Making and recieving payments 

  • Maintaining petty cash records