Access to Fair Assessment Policy

TDLC Staff Training and Development Policy

TDLC encourages all employees to continually pursue excellence in their occupation

by participating in various programs. TDLC provides employees with many

opportunities to maintain expertise in their profession by providing programs in

various fields that relate to employment with TDLC.

Employees are urged to complete academic degrees and professional courses in

order to better perform their duties and responsibilities, and promote their own

personal growth. Continuing academic and professional pursuits will increase their

job commitment and satisfaction and will prepare them for positions with greater

responsibility and importance to TDLC and the achievement of its goals.

TDLC believes that staff development and learning should be an integral part of the

organization’s strategic planning so that staff can perform their individual jobs

effectively and, in doing so, ensure that the organization achieves its objectives. The

central aim is therefore to provide an environment where continuous development

can take place and where staff are supported and enabled to meet the changing

demands and priorities of TDLC and service users.


To achieve this aim, learning and

development needs will be regularly reviewed and staff will be encouraged to play an

active part in identifying their own learning needs, selecting appropriate learning

methods and in assessing the outcomes and effectiveness of their learning.

Options for learning and development may include:

• On the job learning / learning from others in the organization.

• Self-paced learning / open learning books ad video’s.

• Off-job courses run by TDLC or other providers..

• Mentoring.

An induction programme helps new staff to familiarize themselves with the

organization, get to know others and to become more quickly at ease in a new work

environment. All new staff will take part in an induction programme including an

introduction to TDLC Template Policies and Procedures 2 staff, our mission, goals

and targets, equal opportunities policy, working practices and procedures.


Two or three months after their initial induction, staff will receive additional coaching in the

organization of TDLC, funding structures and key planning and development issues,

to ensure that they are able to effectively represent the organization to outside